Longing To Using Water Dispenser In Care Home ?>

Longing To Using Water Dispenser In Care Home

One of the biggest changes brought about during the covid-19 shutdowns is not being able to visit loved ones in care homes.  All visits stopped near end of March and for the safety of all, no one has been able to visit inside the homes who are not staff.    All food deliveries have been left outside and all their cleaning has been strenuous.    Pre virus, we drove to my mother’s care home and immediately  use the washrooms before having a…

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How UVC Combats Nasties In Wards & Water Supplies ?>

How UVC Combats Nasties In Wards & Water Supplies

There have been many thoughts about how to sanitise water that is used in office water cooling machines.  UV light seems to be the most popular amongst modern thinkers and it  has even been promoted as a possible means of ridding the world of the virus pandemic.  That’s taking things a bit far but there is definitely a body of evidence towards the thinking that UVC light is very effective against decontamination and sanitisation.  It’s one tool that’s been used…

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Dividing & Consquering Messy Sisterhood ?>

Dividing & Consquering Messy Sisterhood

A young acquaintance of mine works with her sister and they share offices.  Interestingly,  although very close, they are like chalk and cheese when it comes to cleanliness.  The elder sister has many hobbies, loves reading, knitting, walking etc. and is not very tidy by nature.  The younger one is really fastidious and almost suffers OCD.    When the girls shared a bedroom as children, there were many tears and tantrums from the younger one because the elder was so…

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Cleaning Water – A Slow Process But So Worthwhile ?>

Cleaning Water – A Slow Process But So Worthwhile

The idea of cleansed water is not new.  The ancients from over 2000 years ago used a system of boiling water over a fire, leaving it out in the sun and then filtering through layers of sand.  Not far off from our system today.  Then we find the Egyptians had their own form of water filtration.  On the tomb walls of one ruler, there are pictures of sand purification of water and an icon of pitchers stacked neatly.   Of course,…

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Villages Need Clean Halls And Watering Holes ?>

Villages Need Clean Halls And Watering Holes

Busy people in villages often overlook the essentials when it comes to running facilities like memorial halls and after school or church activities.  There’s often a great willingness to get the community together and do charitable and other good works, which is great, but the other essential tasks tend to get overlooked.  To put on any event where hall facilities are needed for refreshments, washrooms, classes etc, someone needs to be responsible for getting them cleaned and serviced on a…

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We’re Wasting Water That Oz Deserately Needs ?>

We’re Wasting Water That Oz Deserately Needs

How topsy turvey our world is becoming.  All through our summer  we were watching how much water we used; trying not to water the lawn more than to save it dying completely.  Then there was the running litres of cold water into the washing up bowl whilst waiting for the hot to emerge when at the kitchen sink.  This infuriates me more than almost anything else about my house.  The boiler is only 2 metres away from the kitchen sink…

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Council Cut Backs Makes Flooding Inevitable In Places ?>

Council Cut Backs Makes Flooding Inevitable In Places

The need for water to be conserved does sometimes seem an extreme message when we are surrounded by flooding and rivers overflowing as we’ve experienced again this winter. The problem in the villages and surrounding towns is that not enough budget is kept aside by councils to dredge the water run offs and drainage gulleys. This sort of thing used to be done as a matter of course but constraints dictate this not to be the case. Of course, when…

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Global Warming, Ice Age Repeats ?>

Global Warming, Ice Age Repeats

There are many things about living in this very developed country that upset many young people. They are constantly suffering anxieties about global warming and the effect our lifestyle is having on the planet. Whenever it rains we are warmed of the consequences of too much rain. I do understand they have great concerns about changes to weather patterns and the rising sea levels which are affecting the polynesian nations particularly. There were planetary influences billions of years ago –…

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Date Time By The Watering Hole ?>

Date Time By The Watering Hole

In the good old days – especially if one worked in a government office, there would be copious amounts of tea brought round to each floor and office by the ever cheerful tea lady – tea and the latest gossip, there was nothing that woman couldn’t find out.  Officers and managers were treated like gods by everyone, but particularly the tea lady.  Then eventually in the late 1970s when economies were looked for, came the communal kitchen and meeting room…

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Broken Dam Causes Serious Water Loss ?>

Broken Dam Causes Serious Water Loss

In previous years it has been a problem when water has run short due to reservoirs not being kept topped up to maximum levels. We’ve been having hotter and drier summers for the last few years and it is obvious with global warming that this is an ongoing feature. Much work has been going on in the background to ensure our reservoirs and public water supplies are improved and can cope with everything the elements throw at us. It was…

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