Contracting Helps Maintain Water Cooler Supplies ?>

Contracting Helps Maintain Water Cooler Supplies

My word it has been jolly cold, wet and miserable of late. We were forecast a damp spring and it has lived up to that in every sense of the word. This time last year we were beginning to realise it might just be a record summer – for quite the opposite reason There wasn’t enough water to go round. The reservoirs were ok for first few weeks of the longest hottest period since records began over here. So water supplies were not too badly affected. However, after the first few weeks, things altered and we had hospitals neding fresh supplies of drinking water. This is where having a regular supplier of this essential is so important. When you run any kind of business it’s critical to ensure staff have access to clean, appetising water to drink – it keeps them motivated and healthy. Not having a regular contractor and just buying ad hoc from cheapest source is not helpful when emergencies arise.

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