Sufficient Water Here, Despite Extreme Weather ?>

Sufficient Water Here, Despite Extreme Weather

The very strange weather of the last few years has now started to form a rather interesting pattern. Very very wet seasons with localised flooding, followed by extremely hot months with no rain for weeks. We have to eventually refrain from wasting water and over consumption. When we think of really awful winters of 1947 and 192/1963 tragically terrible with blizzards throughout the USA, Canada and UK – eventually reaching Europe with devastating consequences. The months of heavy snow fall and packed ice eventually thawed out, with the subsequent flooding taking another massive toll. Many lessons were learned and we now have much larger reservoirs to hold enough water for our domestic use and water processing plants to ensure drinking water is safe everywhere in the UK and most of Europe. We’ve come a long way from climbing out of the froze abyss of 1947 to now being able to almost take for granted a drink of delicious cold fresh water from a water cooling machine!

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