Broken Dam Causes Serious Water Loss ?>

Broken Dam Causes Serious Water Loss

In previous years it has been a problem when water has run short due to reservoirs not being kept topped up to maximum levels. We’ve been having hotter and drier summers for the last few years and it is obvious with global warming that this is an ongoing feature. Much work has been going on in the background to ensure our reservoirs and public water supplies are improved and can cope with everything the elements throw at us. It was doubly heart breaking therefore recently when the front retaining wall of a very large dam in the north of the country suddenly started to break up due to severe rainfall which had never been enountered before. To get the water down to safety levels so repair and rebuild work could commence, it was necessary to empty over half the dam. It was tragic seeing the water having to be spoilt. A lesson learned indeed – keep the dams in good repair and they’ll keep us in safe water supply!

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