Global Warming, Ice Age Repeats ?>

Global Warming, Ice Age Repeats

There are many things about living in this very developed country that upset many young people. They are constantly suffering anxieties about global warming and the effect our lifestyle is having on the planet. Whenever it rains we are warmed of the consequences of too much rain. I do understand they have great concerns about changes to weather patterns and the rising sea levels which are affecting the polynesian nations particularly. There were planetary influences billions of years ago – we had heat waves and ice ages, all without any help or hindance from mankind. But apparently this crisis we currently have is the biggest, worst and they fear it will wipe their world out. It seems so sad that in other parts of the world there is not enough water to go round. Children are dying from thirst and starvation in the hottest countries. The amazon rain forest is being burned down to clear for commercial reasons and this is affecting the CO2 emmisions. We need a magic wand. We also need water dispensers in all parts of the world – like a magic money tree!

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