Council Cut Backs Makes Flooding Inevitable In Places ?>

Council Cut Backs Makes Flooding Inevitable In Places

The need for water to be conserved does sometimes seem an extreme message when we are surrounded by flooding and rivers overflowing as we’ve experienced again this winter. The problem in the villages and surrounding towns is that not enough budget is kept aside by councils to dredge the water run offs and drainage gulleys. This sort of thing used to be done as a matter of course but constraints dictate this not to be the case. Of course, when the town or city gets deluged and many folk are left desperately stranded and needing to be rescued, by the army usually, this then gets highlighted in the news broadcasts. To skimp on these essential maintenance jobs simply to save money does seem ludicrously short sighted. If the floods don’t come this year, they could appear another and as we’ve noted, they don’t appear in the same place year after year. A few years ago it was great sheaths of Cornwall, another year it was low lying Scotland and this year it is huge parts of West and North Yorkshire. So make the most of having fresh drinking water and water coolers – for it may be our turn to be under water some day!

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