We’re Wasting Water That Oz Deserately Needs ?>

We’re Wasting Water That Oz Deserately Needs

How topsy turvey our world is becoming.  All through our summer  we were watching how much water we used; trying not to water the lawn more than to save it dying completely.  Then there was the running litres of cold water into the washing up bowl whilst waiting for the hot to emerge when at the kitchen sink.  This infuriates me more than almost anything else about my house.  The boiler is only 2 metres away from the kitchen sink – tucked away in it’s utility room.  But it takes half an hour to get hot water through whilst it proceeds to go all round the houses before getting to the sink!  I keep a large bucket outside the french windows specifically for this water and in the summer it’s used to water plants or rinse the car off.  This wastage is criminal when we think of the need to conserve water in hot spots like Australia.  They are enduring what seems to be a never ending nightmare of not having enough water to put out hundreds of bush fires that have taken the life blood out of that country.

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