Villages Need Clean Halls And Watering Holes ?>

Villages Need Clean Halls And Watering Holes

Busy people in villages often overlook the essentials when it comes to running facilities like memorial halls and after school or church activities.  There’s often a great willingness to get the community together and do charitable and other good works, which is great, but the other essential tasks tend to get overlooked.  To put on any event where hall facilities are needed for refreshments, washrooms, classes etc, someone needs to be responsible for getting them cleaned and serviced on a regular basis.  If the hall has a kitchen but no other bar facilities, all the better!  Halls would be better equipped with some sort of external drinking water tap or other facility for group events, to eliminate herds of folk rushing in and messing up the place.  Getting a cleaning company in on a regular basis to ensure the washrooms and kitchen are scrubbed out and sterilised properly should be a top agenda item for any committee.  Hirers and  users pay a fee and expect good clean areas.  Saving money by not paying for professional janitorial services is a short sighted error – clean and inviting facilities will encourage far more bookings and thus will pay for itself in no time.

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