Cleaning Water – A Slow Process But So Worthwhile ?>

Cleaning Water – A Slow Process But So Worthwhile

The idea of cleansed water is not new.  The ancients from over 2000 years ago used a system of boiling water over a fire, leaving it out in the sun and then filtering through layers of sand.  Not far off from our system today.  Then we find the Egyptians had their own form of water filtration.  On the tomb walls of one ruler, there are pictures of sand purification of water and an icon of pitchers stacked neatly.   Of course, the Romans were the great innovators that we think of.  They built fantastic water aquaducts that they kined with copper or marble and through which they directed water to travel hundreds of miles.  They had the most sophisticated systems running.     Sadly after the collapse of the roman empire in the very dirty dark ages, water purification stopped entirely.  Water came then from rivers and lakes – never clean because of human waste disposal.  Typhoid and cholera were rife – the deaths were horrendous.    The next attempt ot cleaning up was in the 1600s when sand filtration returned and things picked up.  The 1800s saw many more improvements to try and cut out the needless deaths from cholera and typhoid.  We are so lucky today to be able to turn the tap and receive wonderful cool clean water in our homes.

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