Dividing & Consquering Messy Sisterhood ?>

Dividing & Consquering Messy Sisterhood

A young acquaintance of mine works with her sister and they share offices.  Interestingly,  although very close, they are like chalk and cheese when it comes to cleanliness.  The elder sister has many hobbies, loves reading, knitting, walking etc. and is not very tidy by nature.  The younger one is really fastidious and almost suffers OCD.    When the girls shared a bedroom as children, there were many tears and tantrums from the younger one because the elder was so untidy and left her stuff all over the place.  It got to the point where there was a dividing line placed on the floor between the two halves.  The bunk beds were separated and the messy Miss was given the half further away so the tidy one didn’t have to wade through muck and mess to get to her bed anymore.    Oh how childhood experiences form life time habits.  The eldest is still not as clean and tidy as she’d like but she does make a great effort.  The younger one lives in a haven of steam cleaned loveliness!

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