How UVC Combats Nasties In Wards & Water Supplies ?>

How UVC Combats Nasties In Wards & Water Supplies

There have been many thoughts about how to sanitise water that is used in office water cooling machines.  UV light seems to be the most popular amongst modern thinkers and it  has even been promoted as a possible means of ridding the world of the virus pandemic.  That’s taking things a bit far but there is definitely a body of evidence towards the thinking that UVC light is very effective against decontamination and sanitisation.  It’s one tool that’s been used for years in hospitals and is found to be an excellent way to kill viruses found in water.   So how can UVC be effective in water fountains and refill stations in the office. .  Well, UVC rays have the shortest wavelength of the 3 mains types of V rays – these others being UVA, UVB.  these C rays have the highest energy and can kill pathogens by destroying the molucular bonds that bind the DNA of the viruses and bacteria.  Hospitals have been using UVC light in their fight to keep wards decontaminated and for keeping surgical tools safe and absolutely germ free.

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