Longing To Using Water Dispenser In Care Home ?>

Longing To Using Water Dispenser In Care Home

One of the biggest changes brought about during the covid-19 shutdowns is not being able to visit loved ones in care homes.  All visits stopped near end of March and for the safety of all, no one has been able to visit inside the homes who are not staff.    All food deliveries have been left outside and all their cleaning has been strenuous.    Pre virus, we drove to my mother’s care home and immediately  use the washrooms before having a cuppa from the visitors’ coffee machine or the water dispenser.  Now we can visit but by appointment only and we’re asked not to arrive more than 5 minutes prior to our slot – difficult to get accurately when travelling 79 miles!  Once in car park, a member of the care team collects and takse us, socially distanced and masked up if necessary, round to th gardens where the resident would be available to speak.  No catering is offered, we have to bring our own – not a major problem.   But how much more helpful it would be to the longer traveller to taste that divine sparkling water from the home’s water dispenser!

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