All Hail The Power Of A Water Cooler ?>

All Hail The Power Of A Water Cooler

I’m strongly of the opnion we don’t appreciate water as much as we should.  I know many who never think of taking a glass of water during the day & in fact only do under sufferance when nagged by a gym or Pilates instructor.  I have always been a ‘water baby’, & throughout my childhood years I was checked regularly to ensure I wasn’t actually diabetic as I drank so much water every day.    When I’m in an unfamiliar setting, nothing reassures me that all’s well in my world more than being able to either pop into a store and buy a refreshing bottle of fizzy water from the chiller or even better, engage in conversation with startled hosts or other locals whilst gathered around the obligatory water cooler in amost every stopover.  Even in the humblest village dwelling, I note that some form of powered water cooler is present and is treated with iconic reverence.  And so they should be!

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