Grimy Office Kitchen Or Splendid Water Cooler ?>

Grimy Office Kitchen Or Splendid Water Cooler

One of the sadder things about restrictions on our ability to visit the office is that we can’t congregate around the water cooler any more.    This was the recognised meeting place for office gossips and it would never take very long for news to reach all corners of the work space.  Of course, if you were the subject of the tittle tattle, it wasn’t quite so welcome but on the whole it was an easy and free way to get info out to the colleagues!  It was also the coolest and by far the cleanest way to drink anything at all – just thinking of grimy office kitchens still makes me shudder.  Whereas a fully managed water cooler was a delight.  Fresh bottles of water were delivered at agreed intervals and although heavy, they were raised up, turned upside down and slotted on top of the dispenser.  The rental company sent their maintenance chappie out every month to clean it all out, as part of the fee.  The divine nature of fresh clear drinking water cannot be under-estimated!

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