Freedom To Tap Into Our Wonderful Water Supply ?>

Freedom To Tap Into Our Wonderful Water Supply

Oh the grimness of a lank damp January – somehow this year it does seem a bit more dire than previous damp Januaries.  Possibly the fact we don’t have the freedom to get out there and go for walks down the high stree or other shopping malls probably heightens the feeling of being shut in.  We’re currently only allowed out for exercise once a day and that means exercise, not loafing about chatting socially.  The need to get a grip with the effects of the virus is so serious now.  Cleanliness is paramount.  Also though, taking care of ourselves to the best of our ability is critical.  Being able to wash with freedom, no shortage of water and soap isn’t always as appreciated as it should be.  We take it for granted.   Also, being able to drink as much water as we want.  In this country we are of course blessed with fantastic water from the tap.   Drinking copious glasses of water is my go to remedy for absolutely any concern or discomfort!

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