Global Warming, Ice Age Repeats ?>

Global Warming, Ice Age Repeats

There are many things about living in this very developed country that upset many young people. They are constantly suffering anxieties about global warming and the effect our lifestyle is having on the planet. Whenever it rains we are warmed of the consequences of too much rain. I do understand they have great concerns about changes to weather patterns and the rising sea levels which are affecting the polynesian nations particularly. There were planetary influences billions of years ago –…

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Date Time By The Watering Hole ?>

Date Time By The Watering Hole

In the good old days – especially if one worked in a government office, there would be copious amounts of tea brought round to each floor and office by the ever cheerful tea lady – tea and the latest gossip, there was nothing that woman couldn’t find out.  Officers and managers were treated like gods by everyone, but particularly the tea lady.  Then eventually in the late 1970s when economies were looked for, came the communal kitchen and meeting room…

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Broken Dam Causes Serious Water Loss ?>

Broken Dam Causes Serious Water Loss

In previous years it has been a problem when water has run short due to reservoirs not being kept topped up to maximum levels. We’ve been having hotter and drier summers for the last few years and it is obvious with global warming that this is an ongoing feature. Much work has been going on in the background to ensure our reservoirs and public water supplies are improved and can cope with everything the elements throw at us. It was…

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Sufficient Water Here, Despite Extreme Weather ?>

Sufficient Water Here, Despite Extreme Weather

The very strange weather of the last few years has now started to form a rather interesting pattern. Very very wet seasons with localised flooding, followed by extremely hot months with no rain for weeks. We have to eventually refrain from wasting water and over consumption. When we think of really awful winters of 1947 and 192/1963 tragically terrible with blizzards throughout the USA, Canada and UK – eventually reaching Europe with devastating consequences. The months of heavy snow fall…

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Contracting Helps Maintain Water Cooler Supplies ?>

Contracting Helps Maintain Water Cooler Supplies

My word it has been jolly cold, wet and miserable of late. We were forecast a damp spring and it has lived up to that in every sense of the word. This time last year we were beginning to realise it might just be a record summer – for quite the opposite reason There wasn’t enough water to go round. The reservoirs were ok for first few weeks of the longest hottest period since records began over here. So water…

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Futuristic Water Cooler Spotted In 1966 TV Show ?>

Futuristic Water Cooler Spotted In 1966 TV Show

I was very happily watching an old Avengers episode the other day – one filmed btweeen 1964 and 1967, so around 1966. That in itself is not the news . . . . what I noticed in the ‘London’ headquarters of a fantastic global ‘money market’ was a water cooler bottle on a plumbed in platform. How about that! I had watched that episode hundreds of times in the last two years and never noticed that feature before. It must…

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Professional Company Needed For Real Spring Clean ?>

Professional Company Needed For Real Spring Clean

We really have had some amazingly awful weather this winter. The same as the previous one actually. It makes the job of keeping everywhere clean and tidy so much more of a challenge. Just when we think the worst of the blustery weather has departed, it comes rushing back. Not only does it batter the fences and bins etc. it rips leaves off the shrubs – they’re not supposed to shed foliage, it’s meant to be growth time. The mess…

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Getting the Valentines Vibe ?>

Getting the Valentines Vibe

You never know where the romantics are lurking around in a large office. There’s the ‘gods gift to women’ lethario who hangs aro und the usual meeting places . . . . near the coffee machine for example. The office water cooler is the best place for conversations and to get life’s most richly needed resource – especially in the heat of the office. So this one’s well known for his dated chat up lines and corny one liners. He’s…

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Party Hokie Cokie Calls For Office Refresh ?>

Party Hokie Cokie Calls For Office Refresh

Well you can do some things a little too enthusiastically at times.  Taking the office colleagues to a friend’s lunch party to celebrate another successful year in business always sounds a grand idea.  Everything starts off fine.  Pleasantries are exchanged between the guests – a bit of networking goes on as a warm up to the sit down lunch and raucous fun later.  Luckily for the guests, the hostess had brought in a professional office cleaning company – just as…

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Paradise – Office With Plumbed Water Cooler ?>

Paradise – Office With Plumbed Water Cooler

There are good times to be told by your landlord the keys are now available for your bigger office and could you please move in, like now  . . . . .  and there are some bad times to be getting that message.  This happened to a  young couple I know.  They had asked to be given first choice when the next door, more palatial suite of offices came back on to the rental books.  This one had a kitchenette,…

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